Sunday, April 19, 2009

New stuff!!

What a lazy and lousy blogger I am, hoping to rectify that now that I´m knitting agin. Took a little break after I fell an hurt my shoulder so I couldn´t knit anything but now I´m at it again an here´s what I´ve been doing.
Here´s the famous fish-hat from What a fantastic thing, so easy and really fun to knit.

Also made a hat, not of the fish kind, for my youngest son. Love this one, my first time making earflaps but not my last because I love it.

Got a fantasic new knitting book from my fiance this christmas, it´s Icelandic and called Prjóniprjón (Knittyknit) and this sweater is in it. Made it with Lopi and light Lopi, really warm and cosy. Lovely easy pattern and the sweater looks fab :)
And finally it´s the fantastic Squirrel sweater, I´m just sooooo loving it. This is such a fun looking pattern that´s easy to knit. Loved it so much that I decided to make a hat to match. The hat is the same as the green earflap one but just without the earflaps, haven´t made them yet but I am going to put them on, just like it more when hats can be tied.
Just sooo friggin CUTE :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy new year :)

Happy new year!!
2009, wow that is amazing, weird and kinda scary ;) but I think this will be a good year. I´ve been in a knitting mood these few weeks (or months since the last post *blush*) I didn´t make any new year resolutions BUT I think I´ll make it my mission to do at least one post a week. It´s not very good to have 3-4 months between posts:Þ

I haven´t been overly active but have managed to finish a few pieces that I really like.

I finally finished weaving in the ends and put some pom-poms on this cute hat, also made the scarf. The pattern is from an Icelandic knitting magazine called Tinna:

Next I made myself a pair of Fetching. These are so easy to make an are really comfy and cute, I use them a lot. You can find the pattern HERE
Knitted my first EVER sweater, the Presto Chango. Love this pattern, soooo easy and just perfect for a beginner like me. The one thing I didn´t do was sewing it together, my mom did that because I suck bigtime at it :) This also is a free pattern found HERE I did change the front panel, did some cables (my first time doing so) and oh how I love the outcome

This is a hat made out of Lopi, the pattern is called Kambur and is in Lopi 28 (an Icelandic pattern book) Really like it and am going to make the sweater that has the same pattern to match

Finally was brave enough to knit a sweater in the round after finding the cutest pattern HERE It ended up being to small for Arnar Búi but rather than frogging I decided to gift it to a friend :)

Finally it´s the amazing balaclava. I´m so proud of myself for making this. It´s not difficult but I did some new things and learnt alot, like 3 needle cast-off that sews the piece together as you cast-off and also picking up stitches and knitting them. I really love the outcome, it´s so functional, cute, soft and amazing (can you tell I´m proud of it) It´s a free pattern that´s only in Icelandic but HERE it is anyway

Thanks for looking and I hope you liked it. Wouldn´t mind a comment or two ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy

Yeah, I´m lazy. So lazy that I scare myself sometimes :) Haven´t been doing any sewing lately since I lent my machine to my mom. Top that with being stuck at home with a sick baby and lazyness will follow.
BUT I did manage to knit 2 hats for my baby, well he´s 1 but he´s still my baby boy. Did a Sweet Baby Cap which is a fantastic and easy hat to knit, love making those. Here´s a pic of it, it´s almost finished there and just some finishing touched left like hiding ends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monster making

I got my sewing machine back and have I been busy :) Haven´t done any big projects yet but I´ve been making some monsters and soft stuff for the little guy. Made a taggie pillow, was supposed to be a blanket but I desided to stuff it a little and it turned out great.
It´s so much fun to make all of these, doesn´t take a lot of time and it´s rather easy.
Here´s what I´ve been doing.
The little "sun" has some crinkly paper in it´s leafs so they make a sound.

The first time I used felt to make a face, love how easy it is to work with.

Trying my hand at applique, I´m happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lazy blogger :)

Well well, have I been lazy these few weeks.
I´ve made 1 Mei Tai and nothing else, even lent my sewing machine to my mom but she´ll be returning it soon so I can start sewing again. Plan on makin more MT´s and really want to try making a Podeagi (baby carrier)
Also I´m gonna make more clothing for the littlest guy, he´ll be starting daycare soon and needs some cool clothing before that.

Here´s a pic of my "Orange madness" Mei Tai and a pic of my 2 homemade MT´s together

Friday, June 27, 2008

New fabrics

Decided to pop into IKEA and check out some fabrics, wasn´t going to buy anything, yeah like that would happen.

Am planing a new Mei Tai and was going to look at some strap fabric, ended up buying some beige and some orange, also got some blue/orange fabric and a fleece blanket to stuff into the straps. Have already started one (or two) so I´ll end up with a nice MT stash, so much fun.
Should have gotten some green also so I could finish one of the MT´s I´ve started on.

Here´s what I got:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ironing is such a bore

I really really don´t like ironing. I never seem to be able to get it perfect.
Now I have a bunch of blue denim like IKEA (see a pattern forming here) Lenda fabric waiting patiently for me, I really want to start cutting this fabric so I guess I´ll have to get on with the ironing.