Monday, September 22, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy

Yeah, I´m lazy. So lazy that I scare myself sometimes :) Haven´t been doing any sewing lately since I lent my machine to my mom. Top that with being stuck at home with a sick baby and lazyness will follow.
BUT I did manage to knit 2 hats for my baby, well he´s 1 but he´s still my baby boy. Did a Sweet Baby Cap which is a fantastic and easy hat to knit, love making those. Here´s a pic of it, it´s almost finished there and just some finishing touched left like hiding ends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monster making

I got my sewing machine back and have I been busy :) Haven´t done any big projects yet but I´ve been making some monsters and soft stuff for the little guy. Made a taggie pillow, was supposed to be a blanket but I desided to stuff it a little and it turned out great.
It´s so much fun to make all of these, doesn´t take a lot of time and it´s rather easy.
Here´s what I´ve been doing.
The little "sun" has some crinkly paper in it´s leafs so they make a sound.

The first time I used felt to make a face, love how easy it is to work with.

Trying my hand at applique, I´m happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lazy blogger :)

Well well, have I been lazy these few weeks.
I´ve made 1 Mei Tai and nothing else, even lent my sewing machine to my mom but she´ll be returning it soon so I can start sewing again. Plan on makin more MT´s and really want to try making a Podeagi (baby carrier)
Also I´m gonna make more clothing for the littlest guy, he´ll be starting daycare soon and needs some cool clothing before that.

Here´s a pic of my "Orange madness" Mei Tai and a pic of my 2 homemade MT´s together

Friday, June 27, 2008

New fabrics

Decided to pop into IKEA and check out some fabrics, wasn´t going to buy anything, yeah like that would happen.

Am planing a new Mei Tai and was going to look at some strap fabric, ended up buying some beige and some orange, also got some blue/orange fabric and a fleece blanket to stuff into the straps. Have already started one (or two) so I´ll end up with a nice MT stash, so much fun.
Should have gotten some green also so I could finish one of the MT´s I´ve started on.

Here´s what I got:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ironing is such a bore

I really really don´t like ironing. I never seem to be able to get it perfect.
Now I have a bunch of blue denim like IKEA (see a pattern forming here) Lenda fabric waiting patiently for me, I really want to start cutting this fabric so I guess I´ll have to get on with the ironing.

Started cutting and old pieces

I managed to cut out pieces for a Mei Tai yesterday, well all except the straps because I don´t have enough green fabric for them. Don´t know if I´ll buy more green or maby have them in a different colour so it doesn´t look to much like the one I´ve already made with green straps. I´ll be using these fantastic instructions again since I´ve already done so with great result.

Here´s the MT I aldeady made using these fantastic instructions . All IKEA fabric, gotta love IKEA. Here with the hood down, I´m thinking about doing something fun with the hood on the next one. We´ll see what happens.
Hood up.
Had to put this here. It´s something very cute and extremely easy (just a napkin on canvas) I made this a few years ago for DS2 and plan on making more for DS3.

Kids fabrics

For some reason I tend to end up buying fabric for kids. Maybe it´s because I have kids or even it´s because I´m just a big baby myself, one has to hang on to his youth you know :)
Here´s my latest buy, IKEA Barnslig fabric fresh from the wash all crumpled on the line.

Crafty blog

I do crafts, I blog, I take pictures.
So here is a blog where I can where I can talk about and publish pictures of my crafts.