Sunday, April 19, 2009

New stuff!!

What a lazy and lousy blogger I am, hoping to rectify that now that I´m knitting agin. Took a little break after I fell an hurt my shoulder so I couldn´t knit anything but now I´m at it again an here´s what I´ve been doing.
Here´s the famous fish-hat from What a fantastic thing, so easy and really fun to knit.

Also made a hat, not of the fish kind, for my youngest son. Love this one, my first time making earflaps but not my last because I love it.

Got a fantasic new knitting book from my fiance this christmas, it´s Icelandic and called Prjóniprjón (Knittyknit) and this sweater is in it. Made it with Lopi and light Lopi, really warm and cosy. Lovely easy pattern and the sweater looks fab :)
And finally it´s the fantastic Squirrel sweater, I´m just sooooo loving it. This is such a fun looking pattern that´s easy to knit. Loved it so much that I decided to make a hat to match. The hat is the same as the green earflap one but just without the earflaps, haven´t made them yet but I am going to put them on, just like it more when hats can be tied.
Just sooo friggin CUTE :)