Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lazy blogger :)

Well well, have I been lazy these few weeks.
I´ve made 1 Mei Tai and nothing else, even lent my sewing machine to my mom but she´ll be returning it soon so I can start sewing again. Plan on makin more MT´s and really want to try making a Podeagi (baby carrier)
Also I´m gonna make more clothing for the littlest guy, he´ll be starting daycare soon and needs some cool clothing before that.

Here´s a pic of my "Orange madness" Mei Tai and a pic of my 2 homemade MT´s together


Amy Lynn said...

HI. I stumbled onto your blog via craftster.com..You make awsome stuff! I am also in LOVE with Ikea fabric! The orange/blue fabric you used in your MT is a huge hit here in Fl (USA) as it's our local university colors. Your green MT has some sort of patch/pocket on the front. What is it for?? I am new to making MT and slings for my 2 girls and love your tip for using the Ikea blanket to pad the straps!!! I have taken a few Ikea blankets and cut them up for scarves as we dont use them too often around here! Would love to hear from you. My email is AmySomwaru (at) gmail (dot) com. Amy

Anonymous said...

what pattern did u use for your MT- found u on TBW btw. Please e-mail me at myglorylife@yahoo.com