Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy new year :)

Happy new year!!
2009, wow that is amazing, weird and kinda scary ;) but I think this will be a good year. I´ve been in a knitting mood these few weeks (or months since the last post *blush*) I didn´t make any new year resolutions BUT I think I´ll make it my mission to do at least one post a week. It´s not very good to have 3-4 months between posts:Þ

I haven´t been overly active but have managed to finish a few pieces that I really like.

I finally finished weaving in the ends and put some pom-poms on this cute hat, also made the scarf. The pattern is from an Icelandic knitting magazine called Tinna:

Next I made myself a pair of Fetching. These are so easy to make an are really comfy and cute, I use them a lot. You can find the pattern HERE
Knitted my first EVER sweater, the Presto Chango. Love this pattern, soooo easy and just perfect for a beginner like me. The one thing I didn´t do was sewing it together, my mom did that because I suck bigtime at it :) This also is a free pattern found HERE I did change the front panel, did some cables (my first time doing so) and oh how I love the outcome

This is a hat made out of Lopi, the pattern is called Kambur and is in Lopi 28 (an Icelandic pattern book) Really like it and am going to make the sweater that has the same pattern to match

Finally was brave enough to knit a sweater in the round after finding the cutest pattern HERE It ended up being to small for Arnar Búi but rather than frogging I decided to gift it to a friend :)

Finally it´s the amazing balaclava. I´m so proud of myself for making this. It´s not difficult but I did some new things and learnt alot, like 3 needle cast-off that sews the piece together as you cast-off and also picking up stitches and knitting them. I really love the outcome, it´s so functional, cute, soft and amazing (can you tell I´m proud of it) It´s a free pattern that´s only in Icelandic but HERE it is anyway

Thanks for looking and I hope you liked it. Wouldn´t mind a comment or two ;)

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Aphie said...

That balaclava is making me want to learn how to knit! I'm imagining one in a deep, dark red and another in moss green. Very Robin Hood, for the English adventure I'm plotting for this September with my munchkin!

And the presto chango sweater is inspiring me - I think I'll sew a little coat up with a double row of buttons... mmm, maybe one my boy's bigger than 00 though?